Filipino Sign Language Learning Program

What Are We Doing?

The Filipino Sign Language Learning Program focuses on the development of the art of FSL Interpreting. It is composed of a collaborative pool of Deaf teachers, interpreters in the Cebu Province as well as volunteers who are advocates for the Deaf Community.

The Philippines National Statistics Office stated that 3 out of 1000 Filipinos are Deaf. Applying this to the current approximate Philippine population of 100,000,000 there are an estimated 300,000 Deaf people in the country.

There is approximately only 1 interpreter for every 60 Deaf citizens, all of which are volunteers and with limited structure background on interpreting. This has resulted in a barrier between the Deaf community and the mainstream society.

What We Want

We want to develop a large pool of both hearing and Deaf interpreters. Interpreters are the bridge between the hearing and the Deaf community. We need to build a strong foundation to develop the craft of FSL Interpreting.

We want to develop committed individuals to become interpreters in courts, hospitals, schools, events and broadcasting stations. This is to give better accessibility for the Deaf community especially in emergency cases.

Our bigger dream is to have FSL approved as an official language of the Philippines.

What We Do

We provide training and lessons on FSL. Interested individuals will undergo series of formal classes and will be assessed by the Deaf teachers based on their developed skills. Courses range from Basic to Advanced and are accompanied with various specializations. Upon finishing a course, certificates will be given as proof of the learned skill.