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Break the Silence Global Run

Break the Silence Global Run

What We Did?

On March 19 2017, approximately 3,000 people around the world ran together to say NO to sexual abuse of Deaf women and children in the Philippines. The Break the Silence Global Run, was hosted by the Philippines Accessibility Disability Services, Inc. (PADS).

The Primary Run was held with the support of SM Seaside City, in Cebu City, the Philippines, where 1,600 Cebuanos took to the streets to show their support for the advocacy.

On the same day, around the world, close to 1,500 runners took to the streets in their cities, showing support for the advocacy.

PADS would like to thank all sponsors, participants and volunteers who took part in the Break the Silence Global Run, across the world. The aim of this event was to create a global wave of awareness of Deaf sexual abuse, and develop a network of advocates who will support the cause. With your help, we are one step closer to achieving this goal. Together, we can Break the Silence on Deaf sexual abuse.


Confirmed Global Runs


● Cebu City
● Manila

United Kingdom

● London, England
● Kew, England
● Aberdeen, Scotland


● Melbourne
● Sydney
● Adelaide


● Homburg
● Heidelberg


● Ulaanbaatar


● Singapore


● Tokaj


● Pune


● Washington DC
● Harrisonburg
● Mountain View (Google HQ)


● Suva


● Belo Horizonte
● Barbacena

New Zealand

● Windwhistle

Why We Did This?

Recent nationwide survey and case monitoring have found the following:

●   65%-70% of Deaf boys and girls across the Philippines are being molested

●  From a sample of 60 Deaf women in Manila and Cebu, one third have been raped

●  From a separate sample of 32 Deaf women in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; 72% were abused or battered, and 63% were abused by their fathers

●  In Cebu City alone, PADS has recorded nearly 50 cases of sexual abuse from July 2012 up to the present day.

PADS started the Break the Silence Project to strengthen the advocacy against Deaf sexual abuse and exploitation. PADS empowers and educates the Deaf and hearing communities on how to prevent or appropriately respond to sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our goal is to put an end to these horrible crimes, and we would like you to be part of it.

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Our Testimonials

  • "I volunteer with PADS for over a year and has much exposure to the Deaf community. I learned their culture and their language. I am lucky to have had this experience"

    Asmin Monib
    Asmin Monib
  • "The Break the Silence Project has made me feel motivated and really enhanced my skills. It has given me an opportunity to meet new friends who share the same passion."

    Suzette Lu
    Suzette Lu
  • "It was my teacher who originally encouraged me to learn Sign Language. Now, I am happy to continue learning and developing my interpreting skills."

    Melissa Raye de los Reyes
    Melissa Raye de los Reyes
  • "As I learnt Sign Language, I also discovered a lot of things about the Deaf community and that made me realize how I love to be with the Deaf as well as understanding their culture."

    Razel Ann Calderon
    Razel Ann Calderon
  • "After attending the Break the Silence Project, I am hopeful for the future and happy to see such like-minded people learning Filipino Sign Language."

    Bon Jovi
    Bon Jovi
  • "After attending the Break the Silence Project, my skills have improved and I have a much deeper understanding of Deaf interpreting."

    Edgar Vinluian
    Edgar Vinluian
  • "After volunteering during Typhoon Yolanda, I realized that the PWD community is the more vulnerable sector and that they need to have more integration with society at large."

    Gabrile Anthony Labra
    Gabrile Anthony Labra
  • "I want to make a difference for the People with Disability community. The discrimination I see makes me cringe. I will strive to improve my Sign Language skills to help create an inclusive society."

    Resiel Recio
    Resiel Recio
  • "As a teacher, I want to spread the rights of my students who live with a disability, to enable them to contribute something valuable in society."

    Laarni Sumagang
    Laarni Sumagang
  • "The Break the Silence Project has enhanced my ability to use Filipino Sign Language, and allowed me to understand my next steps in this space."

    Gladice Dublin
    Gladice Dublin
  • "My experience volunteering with PADS opened my eyes and heart to the Deaf world and as I went into the community. I learned about the challenges they are facing including lack of accessible social services."

    Francis Librando
    Francis Librando
  • "My niece is Deaf, and it is important to be able to communicate with her. I also want to help as many people as I can through my advocacy and my work."

    Melody Jane Wahing
    Melody Jane Wahing

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Together we can STOP the sexual abuse of Deaf women and children, in the Philippines.